Cravotta Photography: Charlotte NC Commercial Photographer, Photography for Advertising, Corporate, Communications, Dance, Head shots, businessEditorial: Jeff Cravotta
Corporate and Professional Portraiture Headshots Architecture Dance Work In Print Editorial SUSPENSION
Kim Jones
Raven Barkley
Emily Ramirez with Jamie Dee Clifton from Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux's "Cinderella".
Pete Walker with David Ingram from Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux's "Peter Pan".
Hannah Maloney
Margaret Qually
Kim Jones
Gregory Taylor and Alessandra James. "Fall Works" and "Spring Works" campaign designs by Mythic.
Pete Walker with Anna Gerberich and Sarah Hayes Harkins. "Innovative Works" and "Contemporary Fusion" campaign designs by Mythic.
Juwan Alston and Josh Hall with Alessandra James. "See for Yourself" campaign designs by Mythic.
Sarah Hayes Harkins. "See for Yourself" campaign design by Mythic.
Addul Manzano. "Innovative Works" campaign design by Mythic.
Sarah Hayes Harkins and Jamie Dee Clifton. Design by Mythic.
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